PDF Catalogue of all our products
  1.  Cam and groove quick coupling specifications
 Aluminum cam and groove couplings
 Brass cam and groove couplings
  Nylon cam and groove couplings
  Polypropylene cam and groove couplings
  Stainless steel cam and groove couplings
  Reducing cam and groove coupling
  2. Guillemin coupling
  Aluminum Guillemin coupling
  Stainless steel Guillemin coupling
  3. Safety clamp DIN2817
  Aluminum safety clamp
  Stainless steel safety clamp
  4. Tankwagon coupling DIN28450
  Brass tankwagon coupling
  Stainless steel tankwagon coupling
  Aluminum tankwagon coupling
  5. Miscellaneous
  Bauer type coupling
King combination nipple and hose mender plated and stainless steel.
     •  Foot valves and round hole basket strainer
  Hose clamps
Pin-lug short shank
Sandblast coupling
Steam hose coupling (Ground joint coupling)
Universal air coupling (American type and European type)
Whip check safety cable
Wash down gun